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  • How do I create a blog post?

  • Create a new blog post. In your HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > Website > Blog. Use the blog dropdown menu to select the blog for your new post. In the upper right, click Create blog post. Or hover over an existing post and click Edit.

  • What makes an effective blog post?

  • What makes a good blog post is the user experience matched by value a reader gets out of every blog post you write. What it means is that every blog post you write, make sure that: It delivers customers’ expectations.

  • How to write the best blog post ever?

  • How to Write the Best Blog Post EVER

    1. Length Matters – The number of words in your blog post doesn’t matter and is not a predictive indicator of the…
    2. Comments Matter – Maximizing the number of comments for a blog post should not be your goal. The goal of your…
    3. Perfection Matters – Yes, grammar is important in a blog post. Yes, the idea must be conveyed…

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  • How do I write my first blog post?

  • To begin writing your first blog post, log in to WordPress and go to Posts > Add New. From here, you can make changes like adding a title, changing the slug (the URL of the post), adding a featured image and choosing your category/tags.

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