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  • What does it mean when a product is commoditized?

  • Key Takeaways. "Commoditize" refers to a process in which a product is essentially deemed identical to the same class of offering presented by a rival company. Commoditized products allow consumers to make purchasing decisions based solely on the price-tags of the item in question.

  • Why is commoditization a bad thing for business?

  • Commoditization is bad because it erodes your ability to charge a healthy, profitable fee for what you make or do. When everything looks the same to your buyers, they’ll generally settle on whichever solution or product is the cheapest.

  • What is the definition of commoditization in finance?

  • Commoditization happens when a good or service can be standardized enough to be purchased as a transaction instead of customized. In finance, a financial contract such as a bond or loan undergoes commoditization when it is no longer necessary to become involved in all the varied terms of the bond or loan.

  • Which is the best definition of the transitive verb commoditize?

  • transitive verb. 1 : commodify commoditizing bandwith specifically : to render (a good or service) widely available and interchangeable with one provided by another company. 2 : to affect (something, such as a brand or a market) by commoditizing goods or services fierce competition threatened to commoditize prices.



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