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  • Who are primary competitors?

  • Primary competition, or your direct competition, are the competitors that are targeting your same audience, have a similar product offering, or both. These are businesses you should regularly track and also have an in-depth understanding of their operations.

  • Who are their direct competitors?

  • Uber and Lyft are direct competitors in terms of both clients: young tech savvy people and service providers: people that own a vehicle and smartphone, have some time on their hands and could potentially drive for a profit less than the minimal wage.

  • What is considered a competitor company?

  • A competitor is basically a third party that directly would compete for business with your company. Think apple and Microsoft they both have computers they want to sell you or a related products. However if the contract does not make this clear it will always be difficult to make the caee,…

  • What are the direct competitors?

  • Types of Competitors Direct Competitors A direct competitor is "someone that presents the identical products, with the same end game," Paul said. … Indirect Competitors "Indirect competitors present the same things but have a dissimilar goal," Paul said. … Replacement Competitors



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