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  • What is the exact meaning of domain?

  • A domain, in the context of networking, refers to any group of users, workstations, devices, printers, computers and database servers that share different types of data via network resources. There are also many types of subdomains.

  • What does domain mean in business?

  • Use domain in a sentence. The definition of a domain is a group of workgroups within the same company or organization that governs the ability of all the computers to communicate with other groups of computers both within and outside of the organization.

  • What does domain mean in computer terms?

  • Domain (n.) (Computers) an address within the internet computer network, which may be a single computer, a network of computers, or one of a number of accounts on a multiuser computer. The domain specifies the location (host computer) to which communications on the internet are directed.

  • What is the definition of domain?

  • Definition of domain. 1 law. a : complete and absolute (see absolute sense 3) ownership of land our highways and roads have been in the domain of state and local governments— T. H. White b. 1915 — compare eminent domain.

    domain meaning


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