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  • What does affinity mean on a Facebook page?

  • Here’s what they mean if you’re managing a Facebook Page: Affinity is your relationship with users. It means that the amount a user has interacted with your Page in the past affects how likely they are to see your posts.

  • How does affinity score affect page like relevance?

  • As these were one input into Page Like relevance, the order of Page Like relevance for your audience may have shifted.” Basically, they are saying is that they have included the affinity score in the relevance score. They may or may not have, but the audience insights tool hasn’t really been the same since.

  • How is EdgeRank like a credit rating on Facebook?

  • EdgeRank is like a credit rating: it’s invisible, it’s important, it’s unique to each user, and no one other than Facebook knows knows exactly how it works. At Facebook’s 2010 F8 conference, they revealed the three ingredients of the algorithm: Affinity Score Edge Weight Time Decay Affinity Score

  • How does number of followers affect EdgeRank on Facebook?

  • Therefore, if you have a low number of followers on your Facebook Page, you’re in luck since the more followers you have, the lower the engagement on your posts should be. So, for example, if you have 20,000 fans but none of them interact with your content, the impact on the EdgeRank algorithm of your Fan Page will be negative.

    facebook affinity rank


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