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  • How do I control who sees my likes on Facebook?

  • But you can control who sees your Facebook Likes. If you have the old Facebook profile and not the new Timeline, click “Edit Profile.” From there, click on any of the areas of interest (Arts and Entertainment, Sports, Activities and Interest) to edit who can see your likes of each category.

  • Is Disqus a good comment plugin?

  • Disqus plugin is one of the best WordPress comment plugins available in the WordPress plugin repository. It automatically replaces the existing comment system on websites by the new one. To install the Disqus plugin on your website, just search on the plugin section of WordPress and install it.

  • What are the comments plugin?

  • 18 Best WordPress Comments Plugins to Boost Engagement De:comments. De:comments is the most powerful WordPress plugin for comments. … Akismet. Akismet is one of the most used WordPress comment plugins on the market. … Jetpack Comments. … Thrive Comments. … WordPress Comment Rating Plugin. … Disqus Comment System. … Disable Comments. … CommentLuv. … Facebook Plugins, Comments & Dialogs for WordPress. … WpDevArt Facebook Comments. … More items…

    facebook comments plugin


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