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  • What is the Facebook fan page?

  • A Facebook fan page is a profile created for a business or event that other users can "Like" and promote to their friends.

  • What is a Facebook fan page?

  • A Facebook Fan Page is a business account that represents a company or organization. It looks similar to a Facebook Profile, but it offers unique tools for managing and tracking engagement.

  • How do I check my Facebook page?

  • How to Verify My Facebook Page

    1. Click "settings. " Once you get to your business’s page, hit the tab marked "settings." This will open a drop down menu that provides you with more …
    2. Click "page verification. " From the drop down menu, select the tab that says "general." Click on this tab to open another drop down menu and …
    3. Select "verify this page. " From here, all you need to do is hit "verify this page." The site will redirect you and allow you to enter the contact …
    4. Enter your information. A small amount of information is required for verification. Post your language, your country, and a phone number for your …

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  • How many pages does Facebook have?

  • Facebook platform supports more than 42 million pages and 9 million apps. There are now more than 42 million Facebook pages and 9 million apps and websites integrated with Facebook, according to a recent amendment to the social network’s filing for an initial public offering.

    fb fan page


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