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  • How do you capture image of screen?

  • Microsoft Windows Bring the browser window to be captured to the foreground. Hold the ‘Alt’ key and press the ‘Print Screen’ key (often just labeled ‘Prt Sc’) on your keyboard. Open an image editing application such as MS Paint program under Start > Accessories. Paste the captured image into the application. Save the image as a JPEG (.JPG) file.

  • How do I take a screen shot in edge?

  • Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Edge. 1. Navigate to the website you want to capture. 2. Click on the pencil-and-selection icon in the upper right. 3. If you want to save a screenshot of the full page, click the Save icon in the purple menu bar.

  • Where did Firefox screenshot go?

  • When you take a screenshot, Firefox posts your screenshot to your online screenshots library and copies the link to your clipboard. Screenshots taken on Firefox are automatically stored for two weeks, but you can delete the shots any time or change the expiration date to keep them in your library for a longer duration.

    firefox screenshot


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