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  • Where do I find my Google Alerts?

  • Go to Enter a search term to track. Google Alerts will display a results preview as you type. Select “Show options” (below the search box). Choose how often you’d like to receive alerts: once a day; as it happens; once a week.

  • How do I create a Google Alert?

  • How to Create a Google Alert. Go to Google Alerts. Enter a topic or name you’re interested in following. Next, select “Show options”. Select the dropdown menu for the “Deliver to” option. Select RSS feed. Next, select “Create Alert”.

  • How to make Google Alerts work for You?

  • How to Make Google Alerts Work For You

    • Be Specific. Google Alerts are only as helpful as the term you choose to search. Be as specific as possible. …
    • Choose the Right Type of Alert. Sometimes people complain about Google Alerts not giving them enough results. …
    • Bundle Your Alerts. Another frequent complaint about Google Alerts is that it causes too much email. …
  • How do you get rid of Google Alerts?

  • To delete a Google Alert, open one of your Google Alert emails, and then at the bottom of the email, click the Unsubscribe button, as circled below. Notice that you can also view all of your Google alerts by clicking the View all your alerts option located next to the Unsubscribe option.

    google alerts


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