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  • What are the goals in Google Analytics?

  • Goals in Google Analytics allow you to track specific visitor interactions on your website. For example, you can track things like form submissions, button clicks, account creations, and eBook downloads. Then, once a visitor performs the specific action you’ve defined as a goal, Google Analytics records that as a conversion.

  • What is the purpose of Google Analytics?

  • Purpose of Google Analytics. The tools found in Google Analytics help businesses analyze the customer data that is important for targeting website visitors in advertising and marketing. It could also help with product development and maximizing profit by promoting the efficient use of resources.

  • Where do I find Google Analytics?

  • TO FIND YOUR GOOGLE ANALYTICS TRACKING CODE: Register or Log into your Google Account (same as your Gmail Account). From this page, click the SIGN IN button located in the upper right-hand corner, which will present a drop-down menu. Click GOOGLE ANALYTICS from within that drop-down menu.

  • How do I check my Google Analytics?

  • Google Analytics can only gather statistics if it is implemented correctly on your website. You can check that the tracking code is active on your website by accessing your Google Analytics dashboard or using a free Chrome extension. You can also view the source code of your site to check that the tracking code is present.

    google analytics


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