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  • Who are the creators of the Google Brain?

  • Google Brain, which began in 2011, by Jeff Dean, Greg Corrado, and Andrew Ng is an Artificial Intelligence system based on open learning that has been capturing headlines all over the world.

  • How does the Google Brain help the world?

  • In addition to the Google Maps work, there’s Android’s voice recognition software and Google+’s image search. But that’s just the beginning, according to Jeff Dean, one of primary thinkers behind the Brain project. He believes the Brain will help with the company’s search algorithms and boost Google Translate.

  • When did Google Brain go back to X?

  • After having space and time to develop and prove out the Google Brain technology at X, the Brain team decided they were ready to apply their insights across a range of products at Google, so they graduated from X back to Google in late 2012 as part of Google AI.

  • Where can I find Google’s Artificial Brain software?

  • Google has made a handful of its AI models available on the corporate internet and Dean and his team have build the back-end software that lets Google’s army of servers number crunch the data and then present the results on a software dashboard that shows developers how well the AI code worked.

    google brain


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