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  • Why to use Google Search Console?

  • Google Search Console (or GSC) is a free platform where you get detailed insights into the performance of your website. It tells you how Google views your site and how you can optimize it to improve its organic visibility. It was formerly known as Google Webmaster Tool until 2015. It’s surprising to see how marketers often overlook it.

  • How to connect Google Search Console?

  • Follow these simple steps to create a Google Search Console account and connect it to your website:

    • In your Squarespace dashboard, navigate to Analytics > Search Keywords
    • Click the black "Connect" button
    • In the popup window, enter your Google Account login details to sign in
    • When prompted, click the blue "Allow" button to authorize Squarespace to connect with Google Search Console
  • How to set up your website in Google Search Console?

  • How to set up Google Search Console

    1. Add a property for your Website Go to Google Search Console and sign in with your gmail account. …
    2. Create a Property for each version of your website Next, you will repeat this process for a total of 4 times to add all the different variations for …
    3. Determine how Google sees your Website After you have added all property versions of you website. …

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  • How do I add my website to Google Search Console?

  • How to add your web site to the Google Search Console. First, login to your Google Account, or Gmail. Type or paste in the URL to your homepage next to the box that says Website, then click the Add A Property button. Click the HTML Tag radio button. Click on the Meta tag to highlight it, and copy it to the Clipboard.

    google console search


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