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  • What is discover search?

  • Discover is the library search engine. You can use it to search across most of our collections including: books, ebooks, journal articles, conference proceedings, newspapers, magazines, technical reports, standards, theses and dissertations.

  • What is web discover app?

  • Discovery App is an unexpected web browser extension that may get installed without user’s permission. It will inject certain advertising platform on the computer like banners, text-links, redirects, and pop-ups.

  • What is Google advanced search?

  • Google advanced search is a way to customize your Google searches with a set of special instructions. Known as operators and commands, these advanced Google search instructions tell Google that you don’t want to search the entire internet, front to back and top to bottom, and are instead interested in more specific queries.

  • How does Google search?

  • How to Search Google Method 1 of 3: Doing a Basic Web Search. Open a web browser on your computer, phone, or tablet. … Method 2 of 3: Refining the Results. Use search engine operators to get the right results. … Method 3 of 3: Performing an Advanced Search. Search from for the most precise search results. …

    google discover


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