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  • How can I tell if my website is mobile friendly?

  • To test to see if your site is mobile friendly, open up your website and go to the menu (More Tools -> Develop Tools) or just press F12. This will open up the Chrome Developer tools window. Along the bottom of the window, is a Search tool icon followed by a mobile device icon.

  • How to tell if your website is mobile friendly?

  • Open up your browser, go to Google Mobile Friendly Test and enter your website’s URL, then click Analyze. After a brief analysis, it will tell you if your website is mobile-friendly or not. If your website is mobile-friendly you will get a green message telling you so.

  • What is a mobile friendly site?

  • A mobile-friendly website is a website designed to display website content on mobile devices, that is, smartphones and tablets. It’s optimized for mobile devices because it makes it far easier for mobile users to read the desired content and navigate the website they choose to visit.

    google mobile friendly test


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