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  • Why is good score on Google PageSpeed Insights important?

  • Basically the better your Google PageSpeed Insights score is the more likely you will be to rank higher than others provided your general SEO optimisation is done efficiently as well of course.

  • Is Google page speed insights accurate?

  • Google PageSpeed Insights isn’t that accurate. It’s much better to run multiple tests with all 3 of these tools. Run 3 tests with each tool and compare them. This will help you get the most realistic results. Page speed is important, especially in today’s era.

  • What is a good PageSpeed score?

  • What is a good Google PageSpeed score? A good Google PageSpeed score is considered to be a score of 90 or higher. An page speed score between 89 and 50 gets qualified as Needs work and a score below 49 gets the label Poor returned the Google pages speed insights tool and API.

    google pagespeed insights


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