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  • What do you mean by Google PageSpeed Insights?

  • What is Google PageSpeed Insights? Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool that tests the speed of a website on desktop and mobile devices. Remember, the page speed doesn’t only mean the loading time of a site; it also refers to the time that the site takes to become responsive and process the user’s actions to provide an output.

  • What is Google PageSpeed Module and how it works with?

  • The Google PageSpeed module, also known as mod_PageSpeed, is one tool that you can consider to speed up your WordPress site. Most WordPress optimization plugins work at the application level, whereas mod_PageSpeed works at the server level without the need for any changes to your WordPress site.

  • How does mod pagespeed work for WordPress site?

  • Because mod_PageSpeed works at a server level, you cannot just install a plugin to automatically activate mod_PageSpeed for your WordPress site. Instead, mod_PageSpeed needs to be installed at a server level, which gives you two main ways to start using mod_PageSpeed with your WordPress site. 1.

  • How does page speed affect your search ranking?

  • Page Speed has been a Google search ranking factor since 2010. Websites that load fast get a better search ranking than slower sites. You see, the top ranking of the Google SERPs is all about User Experience. The search engine prefers websites that have good content and are responsive. A slow-loading website annoys people.

    google pagespeed


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