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  • How does the Google speed test work?

  • Google’s Speed Test works by "fetching" your website with both a desktop and a mobile user agent. Then, PageSpeed Insights analyzes how your site performs on both types of devices based on the reports of its agents and provides you with a score for each. These scores run from 0-100 points – the higher, the better.

  • How do I run a speed test?

  • To run a speed test: Launch the Orbi app from a computer or mobile device that’s connected to your Orbi WiFi network. Enter the user name and password that you created the first time that you logged in and tap the SIGN IN button. The Dashboard displays. Tap Speed Test > START TEST. Note: The speed test takes about two minutes to complete.

  • How do you run a speed test?

  • How to run the speed test: Open and click Change Server Type in the name of the location where the speed test is needed – choose one in the same location as the VPN server you are trying to connect to. In some cases, there will be many choices available in the location you need. Run three tests, recording the results from each one…

  • What is the most reliable internet speed test?

  • By googling search, we found Romanysoft Speed19X is the most reliable to test the speed of your internet, include the latest Mac and Windows OS. The best and most reliable Speed Test application allows you check your Internet speed.

    google speed test


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