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  • What does meta stand for in HTML?

  • Literally "meta" means a concept that is an abstraction from another concept. So in psychology, meta-memory is remembering if you actually remember something. In an html document meta data is data ABOUT the document’s data, so a "meta tag" is a short bit of information about the the html document.

  • Is HTML a meta language?

  • A meta tag is a (that is, a coding statement) in the Hypertext Markup Language ( HTML) that describes some aspect of the contents of a Web page. The information that you provide in a meta tag is used by search engine s to index a page so that someone searching for the kind of information the page contains will be able to find it.

  • What is the use of a meta tag in HTML?

  • HTML – Meta Tags

    • Adding Meta Tags to Your Documents. You can add metadata to your web pages by placing <meta> tags inside the header of the document which is represented by <head> and …
    • Specifying Keywords. …
    • Document Description. …
  • How do HTML meta tags work?

  • The metadata means information about data. The <meta> tag in HTML provides information about HTML Document or in simple words, it provides important information about a document. These tags are basically used to add name/value pairs to describe properties of HTML document, such as expiry date, author name, list of keywords, document author, etc. This tag is an empty element because it only has an opening tag and no closing tag but it carries information within its attributes.

    html meta


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