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  • What does referer mean in HTTP request header?

  • Referer The Referer HTTP request header contains an absolute or partial address of the page making the request. When following a link, this would be the address of the page containing the link. When making resource requests to another domain, this would be the address of the page using the resource.

  • What does it mean when HTTP referer is missing?

  • When a web browser moves from one website to another and between pages of a website, it can optionally pass the URL it came from. This is called the HTTP_REFERER, So if you don’t redirect from one page to another it might be missing If the HTTP_REFERER has been set then it will be displayed. If it is not then you won’t see anything.

  • Can a referer be sent by the browser?

  • The Referer can not be sent by the browsers if the resource is the local file or data. Directives: The HTTP Referer header accepts a single directive as mentioned above and described below: <url>: This directive is the address (partial or full) of the previous World Wide Web page which was followed by a link to the currently requested page.

  • What is the problem with the referer header?

  • The referrer problem The Referer (sic) header contains the address of a request (for example, the address of the previous web page from which a link to the currently requested page was followed, or the address of a page loading an image or other resource). This has many fairly innocent uses, including analytics, logging, or optimized caching.

    http referer


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