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  • How to find your own index coverage report?

  • Find your own Index Coverage report by following these steps: Log on to Google Search Console. Choose a property. Click Coverage under Index in the left navigation. The Index Coverage report distinguishes among four status categories:

  • How to fix the Index coverage issue on your website?

  • You have successfully addressed the Index Coverage issue on your website. Google should now be able to index your pages without any issues. You may have accidentally marked the meta robots index to no index. It can easily be fixed by checking for the viewing the source for the page.

  • Why do we need Google Index coverage report?

  • Google’s Index Coverage report is absolutely fantastic because it gives SEOs clearer insights into Google’s crawling and indexing decisions. Since its roll-out, we use it almost daily at Go Fish Digital to diagnose technical issues at scale for our clients.

  • What does it mean when a page is excluded from the index?

  • (For example, you might have deliberately excluded it by a noindex directive, or it might be a duplicate of a canonical page that we’ve already indexed on your site.) Valid: The page is indexed. Each status (error, warning valid, excluded) has a specific reason for that status.

    index coverage


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