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  • What do you need to know about location href?

  • Location href Property 1 Definition and Usage. The href property sets or returns the entire URL of the current page. 2 Browser Support 3 Syntax 4 Property Values. Specifies the URL of the link. 5 Technical Details 6 More Examples

  • What does the href property mean in JavaScript?

  • Location.href : Location « Location « JavaScript Tutorial. The href property represents the entire URL string for the current page displayed in the browser.

  • What is the href property of the location interface?

  • The href property of the Location interface is a stringifier that returns a USVString containing the whole URL, and allows the href to be updated. Setting the value of href navigates to the provided URL.

  • How to use window.location.href in JavaScript?

  • Click on button “Get URL by location.href JavaScript” and the alert will show you the current URL. As mentioned earlier, you can use window.location.href as well to get the current path as shown in the example below. You can see in above examples result is same for both ways. You can also use document.location.href to get or set URL.

    location href


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