Long SEO session

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  • Why is session duration so important in Seo?

  • Session duration is an important KPI because it indicates the quality of your site content and how incentivized users are to stay, read, and click deeper into the site architecture. If you see a drop in session duration, has something changed to frustrate your users?

  • Why are organic sessions so important for SEO?

  • Growing organic sessions indicates that you are occupying more value real estate on the leading search engines, exactly what you’d hope to achieve with a full-scale SEO campaign. Digital and traditional, on-page, and off-page marketing efforts alike will help you continue to grow the number of organic sessions.

  • What should be the average length of a session?

  • A good average session duration, then, might be anything above three minutes. In fact, 55% of the marketers we surveyed reported an average session duration greater than three minutes, and 27% reported average session durations greater than four minutes.

  • When does a session end on a website?

  • A session starts when someone views a page on your website and ends either when they leave your website or after 30 minutes of inactivity. Everything a user does during that visit is counted as a single session.

    Long SEO session


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