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  • What does MOS mean in military terms?

  • MOS stands for military occupation specialty and basically allows the Army to keep track of what skills they have trained you to have. You’re not going to send a rifleman to repair Apache helicopters or a heavy weapons operator like a mortar man to drive a tank. The Navy has a similar system called NEC for Naval enlistment code.

  • What does the name Mos mean?

  • A Mean Opinion Score (MOS) is a numerical measure of the human-judged overall quality of an event or experience. In telecommunications, a Mean Opinion Score is a ranking of the quality of voice and video sessions.

  • What is the full meaning of MOS?

  • Model Output Statistics (MOS) is a type of statisitical post-processing, a class of techniques used to improve numerical weather models’ ability to forecast by relating model outputs to observational or additional model data. MOS was defined by Glahn and Lowry (pdf) in 1972 as the following:

  • What does MOS stand for in the Marines?

  • MOS stands for Military Occupation Specialty in the Marine Corp.



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