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The main difference between NGINX and Apache, in terms of the event models, is that NGINX does not set up extra worker processes per connection. In most cases, the recommended NGINX configuration is running one worker process per CPU, maximizing the hardware’s efficiency.

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  • What’s the advantage of Nginx compared to Apache?

  • When compared to Apache, 4 times more concurrent connections are handled. The superiority of Nginx in handling concurrent connections, response time and usage of resource is obvious when it is compared with Apache or Lighttpd. Nginx is identified as the most efficient and light-weight web server today.

  • What is a difference between Apache and Nginx?

  • What is Nginx?

    • Difference between Apache and Nginx. While both Apache and Nginx are the two major players in the web server business spanning 50 percent of the web traffic over the internet, …
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  • Why is Nginx faster than Apache?

  • NGINX is a very fast Webserver, its faster than Apache (under similar conditions) because it doesn’t need to spawn new processes or threads for each request like Apache does. Hence it also has a low memory foot print.

  • Why is Nginx better than Apache server?

  • Performance 2.1 Static Content Apache. Static content or files are typically files stored on disk on the server computer, for example, CSS files, JavaScripts files or images. NGINX. At serving static content, Nginx is the king! … 2.2 Dynamic Content Apache. … NGINX. …

    nginx vs apache


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