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  • Is there an OG type for " product "?

  • 6 It looks like there is no og:typefor "product" if you look at the official Open Graph Protocolpage. There’s no discussion of it in the official Google Group but there is one questionout on the Facebook Group. You’ll either need to specify your ownnamespace and type or use one of the built-ins.

  • When to use OG and OG in WordPress?

  • They pull tags from the page and show how it looks when shared. Testing also helps prevent issues where OG tags aren’t displayed or pulled correctly. Use og:image:width and og:image:height tags to ensure a perfect snippet the first time someone shares it. In WordPress, Yoast adds them automatically.

  • Which is the default format for og format?

  • The format is language_TERRITORY, where the default is en_US. og:site_name: The name of the overall website your content is on. If you’re on a blog post page, you might have a title using that blog post’s title, where the site_name would be the name of your blog.

  • What does OGP stand for in open graph?

  • Where ogp stands for Open Graph Protocol. On this website you can see all the OGP objects and it’s possible object types provided with an explanation of their purpose. On this website they are also talking about a global list of object types. And when a global object type is accepted by the community it is added to The Global List.



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