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  • How do I enable plugins in chrome?

  • Enabling plugins in Chrome Open your the Google Chrome Internet browser. Click on the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. From the menu that appears, select Settings. On the next screen, click Advanced at the bottom of the screen. Under the Privacy and security section, click the Content settings option.

  • How to check plugins in chrome?

  • Method 1 of 2: Viewing Your Plug-Ins Download Article Open Google Chrome. It has a red, yellow, blue, and green circular icon and can usually be accessed from the desktop screen. Click the ? button. This is in the top-right corner of the Chrome toolbar and will pull up a drop-down menu with more options. Click Settings. … Scroll down and click Advanced. … Select Content settings. … More items…

  • How do I enable plugins?

  • To enable it, click Chrome’s menu button and select Settings to open the Settings page. Click Show advanced settings, click Content settings under Privacy, scroll down to Plug-ins, and select Click to play.

  • How do I enable Flash plugin in chrome?

  • Enable Flash Player in Chrome. Open your Google Chrome browser, type chrome://plugins in the address bar and press Enter. Scroll down to Plugins. Here you can select Disable, Enable Adobe Flash Player and also check the Always allowed checkbox if you wish.

    plugin chrome


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