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  • What is a canonical tag?

  • A canonical tag is a small piece of code embedded into a webpage that can help search engines deal with multiple versions of the same page. It is supported by three of the most popular search engines and allows webmasters to specify a preferred address for content that might be duplicated.

  • What is a canonical link?

  • Canonical link element. Jump to navigation Jump to search. A canonical link element is an HTML element that helps webmasters prevent duplicate content issues in search engine optimization by specifying the "canonical" or "preferred" version of a web page. It is described in RFC 6596, which went live in April 2012.

  • What are Canonical tags?

  • A canonical tag is a snippet of HTML code that defines the main version for duplicate, near-duplicate and similar pages. In other words, if you have the same or similar content available under different URLs, you can use canonical tags to specify which version is the main one and thus, should be indexed.

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