SEO has been voided?

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  • Why is seo So important for a website?

  • The purpose of SEO is not simply to increase website traffic but to increase qualified traffic. This means that visitors who are finding their way to your website in the face of opposing trends are most likely very interested in what you have to offer.

  • Is it possible to fake search engine results?

  • The challenge to search engines is that once black hat SEOs identify those signals, they can start to fake them. I think that over time it is going to be harder and harder to fake quality signals, but it is never going to be impossible.

  • Why is Seo more important than PPC marketing?

  • One of the advantages of SEO over PPC marketing is that it is free. However, it takes a significant investment of time—both to understand it, then produce content, and then stay on top of it. However, with operations slow or halted, SMB owners may now have that time they need to set the wheels in motion.

  • Who is the coordinator of Yoast SEO Academy?

  • Fleur is the coordinator of Yoast SEO academy. She creates online training courses and wants to make the company’s knowledge available for everyone. Do you know what the passive voice is and why you should avoid it in most cases?

    SEO has been voided?


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