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  • How does seoradar help you know when a website has changed?

  • SEORadar will compare URLs at the scheduled time vs the last time tested. Daily, weekly, or hourly – be in the know. scheduled test runs. With side-by-side code views and renders, SEORadar highlights what has changed. Zoom in to see every change including full HTML vs previous versions. Alerts were generated for customers today.

  • Why do you need to use a SEO tool?

  • If you’re managing more than one website, SEO tools can help you assess each site’s performance on the fly. Many entrepreneurs with multiple websites end up putting a lot of data in spreadsheets and analyzing it manually. But that soon becomes overwhelming and raises the risk of the reports being inaccurate.

  • How to stay in control of your Seo campaign?

  • Manage more clients with efficiency and stay in control of your campaigns. Retain more customers by setting the right expectations and measure them against a realistic SEO objective. We compiled know-how on agency processes from hundreds of customer interviews.

  • How to optimize your product name for SEO?

  • Within the category, you can optimize your product names like the examples below: Notice the format of the title, which includes the brand name, model, and keywords i.e., Men’s Running Shoe or Racer Women’s Shoe.

    SEO Monitor is already available


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