SEO registration is not allowed

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  • When do you need a SEO specialist for a new website?

  • SEO specialists need to be involved before, during, and after the building of a new website. It’s important to keep them informed and updated whenever new websites are being built and changes are being made. New websites are often screwed up as they are rushed.

  • Why is my user registration not allowed on WordPress?

  • User registration is currently not allowed. If you have problems with one of the theme’s registration process and you are getting the message “User registration is currently not allowed.” it’s easy to activate it. This happens because user registration is disabled from the Global WordPress settings.

  • How to avoid de-prioritising Seo requirements?

  • Something we see time and time again, is SEO requirements getting de-prioritised by the development team and/or business stakeholder, often in favour of hitting the website launch deadlines. This can generally be avoided with strong communication between teams and involving the SEO team at the start of the project.

  • When to migrate your website to HTTPS for SEO?

  • Mixed content issues occur when some resourced are loaded over HTTP instead of HTTPS, thereby leaving the page unsafe. If your website is still not running on HTTPS, we recommend migrating to HTTPS as soon as possible because Google will start treating Page Experience metrics as a ranking factor as of May 2021.

    SEO registration is not allowed


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