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  • Why is pages per session important for SEO?

  • As with other metrics that track user behavior, pages per session is an important KPI because it indicates the value/quality of your site and how users navigate through it. Still, having a user visit 100 pages is not truly valuable unless you’re priming them for a conversion now or later.

  • How is a session defined on a website?

  • A session is defined by a visit to the website, the actions taken by the user during that visit, and then the exit of the user from the site. If a user idles, their session will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity by default. A single user can be responsible for multiple sessions.

  • What’s the definition of Session in Google Analytics?

  • A session is defined as a group of interactions one user takes within a given time frame on your website. Google Analytics defaults that time frame to 30 minutes. Meaning whatever a user does on your website (e.g. browses pages, downloads resources, purchases products) before they leave equals…

  • Why are organic sessions so important for SEO?

  • Growing organic sessions indicates that you are occupying more value real estate on the leading search engines, exactly what you’d hope to achieve with a full-scale SEO campaign. Digital and traditional, on-page, and off-page marketing efforts alike will help you continue to grow the number of organic sessions.

    SEO session


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