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  • What kind of Port is a switch port?

  • A switch port can be an access port, a trunk port, or a tunnel port. You can manually configure a port as an access port or trunk port or let the Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP) operate on a per-port basis to determine if a switch port should be an access port or a trunk port by negotiating with the port on the other end of the link.

  • How to implement port security on a switch port?

  • Remember that when implementing port security on a switch port to: 1 Turn port security on before doing any other commands. 2 Specify a single MAC address or a group of valid MAC addresses allowed on the port. 3 Specify that a port automatically shuts down if unauthorized MAC addresses are detected.

  • Are there any Seo dangers with site migration?

  • Despite being considered one of the more "basic" types of migration, it is still fraught with potential SEO dangers for those who are not sure what they are doing while migrating a website and do not have the right SEO platform and operational support. Screw up migration and you could lose large swaths of your organic traffic overnight.

  • How to disable trunking on a switch port?

  • To disable trunking, use the switchport mode access interface configuration command to configure the port as a static-access port. co Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. By default, a trunk port sends traffic to and receives traffic from all VLANs. All VLAN IDs, 1 to 4094, are allowed on each trunk.

    SEO switch port


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