SEO URL scope

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  • Why is the URL of a website important for SEO?

  • Along with your title tag, link anchor text, and the content itself, search engines use your webpage’s URL to understand what your content is all about. In fact, URLs are so important that the Google SEO starter guide dedicates an entire section to them: Your URL should contain a keyword that you want your page to rank for.

  • Why do url slugs matter for keyword Seo?

  • As you can see from the example above, a slug can be very powerful for keyword SEO. If a user were to search Google for “what is a slug,” the keywords in the URL structure of your content helps signal to Google that your content should be included on the SERP.

  • Do you need to change your blog URL for SEO?

  • It’s technically a “dynamic” URL, so should you change it to something like: I doubt you’d see much SEO benefit, or that the rewards would outweigh the risks. In a perfect world, the second URL is better, and if I was starting a blog from scratch I’d choose that one, no question.

  • Can A / B test a site wide Seo change?

  • There’s no good way to A/B test a site-wide SEO change. More often, it’s just a case of diminishing returns. Going from pretty good to pretty gooder probably isn’t worth the time and effort, let alone the risk. So, when should you change your URLs?

    SEO URL scope


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