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  • How to do Seo for spa ( single page applications )?

  • Server-side rendering or SSR is a process of improving the SEO of any SPA. It renders the service to the website as per the need of the server. It focuses solely on fulfilling the server request. It facilitates the visitors to go to the required page. It serves the website pages in the best possible way.

  • How to make a spa Seo crawlable using Ajax?

  • In other words, phantom knows (among other things) how to get a web page via a URL, parse it including running all the javascript code in it (as well as getting data via AJAX calls), and give you back the HTML that reflects the DOM. If you’re using MS Visual Studio Express you many want to install phantom via this link.

  • Why are single page applications bad for SEO?

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of those topics that feel uncomfortably big if you’re just starting out. Even more so if you have built a Single Page Application (SPA) and heard that SPAs could be problematic for SEO and visibility on search engines.

  • What can a sitemap be used for in Seo?

  • A sitemap act as a map of your site’s architecture for searchbots. Included in it should be the pages you consider to be good-quality landing & navigation pages, worthy of indexation. Sitemaps might not be that useful for smaller websites, but it’s still a valuable SEO tool to consider.

    spa seo


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