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  • How is srcset used to create responsive images?

  • Let’s run through the contents of each now: srcset defines the set of images we will allow the browser to choose between, and what size each image is. Each set of image information is separated from the previous one by a comma. For each one, we write:

  • What does the srcset attribute do in HTML?

  • But, thanks to HTML5, we can do all this pretty easily. Using the srcset attribute has made responsive image sizing much simpler. It allows you to define a list of differently-sized versions of the same image, and provide information about the size of each one. Then, the client (browser) gets to make the decision.

  • What are the two parts of using srcset?

  • There are two parts to using srcset — creating the individual files, and then the markup. First, you need to create several different sized versions of the same image. This is slightly different depending on whether you are using photographs and existing artwork or creating new artwork from scratch.

  • Is there a limit to the size of srcset?

  • Also, note that you could create more versions at different size (larger, smaller) and there is no limit to the number of source files specified in the srcset attribute. However, general practice seems to have settled on four sizes (at least for now). With new artwork, the job is easy.



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