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  • What is action bar and toolbar in Android?

  • The toolbar bar (formerly known as action bar) is represented as of Android 5.0 via the Toolbar view group. It can be freely positioined into your layout file. It can display the activity title, icon, actions which can be triggered, additional views and other interactive items.

  • What is the Android navigation bar?

  • The Android navigation bar houses the device navigation controls: Back, Home, and Overview . It also displays a menu for apps written for Android 2.3 or earlier. Material Design layouts encourage consistency across platforms, environments, and screen sizes by using uniform elements and spacing.

  • How to add toolbar to your iOS app?

  • Add Toolbar to iOS App

    1. In the Project navigator, select Main_iPad.storyboard. In the View selector, display the Utility area.
    2. Select the segue from the Master View controller (it is really from the Table View cell, but you can’t see that) to the Test Drive controller …
    3. In the Attributes inspector, choose Replace from the Style drop-down menu, choose Detail Split from the Destination drop-down menu, and enter …
    4. In the Document Outline (or in the Canvas – as you can see you can use either), select the SeeTheUSA Image View in Test Drive Controller …

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    toolbar android


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