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  • What does url stand for and where is it on your computer?

  • "URL" is an abbreviation that stands for "Universal Resource Locator.". It’s another name for a web address, the text that you type into your internet browser when you want to go to a website.

  • What is an URL and how does it work?

  • A URL is also called a web address because it works like a house address. You can use a house address to find the location of a friend’s home or store you want to visit. If you give your browser a URL, it can find where to go to find the web page you want to visit.

  • Does url stand for?

  • The acronym URL basically stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Basing on this definition, the URL is basically a standardized way is searching for the resources on the Internet. But what does the URL do? The URL is usually used in order to command the computer where or what site to go to.

  • What exactly is an url?

  • A URL is a specific type of Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), although many people use the two terms interchangeably. [4] [a] URLs occur most commonly to reference web pages ( http ), but are also used for file transfer ( ftp ), email ( mailto ), database access ( JDBC ), and many other applications.



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