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  • How do I Turn On my Voice Search?

  • The directions say: Open Google Chrome. In the top right corner, click the Chrome menu Settings. In the "Search" section, check Enable "Ok Google" to start a voice search. If you’re on a Chromebook, you may be asked to turn on the Voice & Audio Activity setting.

  • How does voice search work?

  • Voice search works by reading the first result pulled from the featured snippet of search engine results pages (SERPs). When asking your voice assistant a question, it will use the information in the featured snippet to answer your question. This means optimising for a featured snippet is essential.

  • How do I do voice search on Google?

  • To perform a voice search, open a new tab in Chrome (press Ctrl + T) or visit Google’s front page at google.com. Click the microphone icon in the search bar. Google will start listening, so just speak into your microphone.

  • How do you search by voice?

  • Voice searching is a method of search which allows users to search using spoken voice commands rather than typing. The search can be done on any device with a voice input. Three common methods to activate voice search: Click on the voice command icon. Call out the name of the virtual assistant. Click on the home button or gesture on interface.

    voice search


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