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  • How can you find the webmaster for a website?

  • finding a webmaster

    • You can start by asking friends and business acquaintances who they recommend. Nothing beats a personal recommendation when hiring someone new.
    • If you are part of a business association, send out an e-mail asking for suggestions
    • Do a thorough web search and make sure you look at testimonials. Look for full testimonial names with contact information.
  • Why do you need a webmaster?

  • Webmasters Can Keep Your Website Secure And Up To Date. The biggest yet most overlooked benefit of hiring a webmaster is their ability to keep your site secure and up to date. Website crashes and hackers can result in excessive downtime and wreak havoc on your bottom line.

  • How to be a better webmaster?

  • How to Be a Better Webmaster

    1. Update! Why would a person visit a website that always has the same content? …
    2. Testing, testing, 1,2,3…. When you perform those updates, even if it’s adding a new frame or changing the font style of headers, you run the risk of screwing up …
    3. Fix those broken links! …
    4. Put the power of social media to work for you Better Webmaster. …

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  • What training do you need to be a webmaster?

  • There aren’t any formal requirements to become a webmaster, but you’ll need proficiency in web-based skills like programming, layout, and content development to succeed. An Associate of Applied Science degree in computer science or technical courses geared toward webmasters can be beneficial.



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