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  • How to prepare your Weebly site for SEO?

  • Here, you can make the initial adjustments that can prepare your Weebly site for the search engines. To begin, let’s head into the “SEO Settings” section. This is where you can edit important page details, such as the page title, permalink, and meta description.

  • What kind of sites can you rank on Weebly?

  • As you can probably tell, there are a variety of different industries that use Weebly and rank high on Google. Above, there are online family real estate sites, financial aid services, landing page designers, freelancers, schools, churches, an online barber booking site, and more.

  • What does it mean to do keyword research in Weebly?

  • Keyword research is the process of finding out what people in your industry are searching for and analyzing the competition so you can know which keywords you should be targeting. If you don’t know which keywords to target, you’ll be limited to the kind of SEO you can do in Weebly.

  • How can I monetize my Weebly web site?

  • E-Commerce Integration — If you plan to monetize your Weebly site by selling products, you can set up an online storefront complete with payment processors, product pages, shipping information, and more. Apps — Finally, Weebly utilizes apps for easy expandability.

    weebly seo


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