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  • How do you get YouTube videos on FB?

  • If you have uploaded a video to YouTube, you do have the option to download it and then upload it to Facebook. Log into your YouTube account in any web browser; click your account icon and then select "YouTube Studio (beta).". Click the Videos tab in the left panel and then hover over the video you want to download.

  • How do you post YouTube on Facebook?

  • Using the YouTube website’s built-in share buttons 1. Open the YouTube website in your Internet browser. 2. Go to the page of the video you’d like to post. 3. Click Share below the video window. Then select Facebook. 4. A new window will pop up.

  • How do I post a YouTube video on Facebook?

  • Click on the “Photo/Video” button on your Facebook page and choose the target video from PC. After the downloaded YouTube videos is added, you need to click on “Post” button to upload video and fix how to embed YouTube video on Facebook. When it’s finished, you will receive a notification.

  • How do I embed a YouTube video on Facebook?

  • Embed YouTube video on Facebook. Open the YouTube and select the video which you would like to share on the Facebook page. Under the Video click on the SHARE link. Then click to EMBED, in the Embed Video popup select the iframe code.

    youtube facebook


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